Probably best not to ask

5 Responses to “Probably best not to ask”

  1. Hmm. Kind of suspicious that they haven't been specific about the tourist nationality etc. Like when the packaging on a fish product says "made with 100% fish"?
    Call me racist, but I'd prefer tourist meat to be made from, say, Portuguese exchange students rather than American retirees.

  2. It won’t be long before ASDA is selling ‘immigrant meat’ over here. It’s what the hordes would like to do to ‘em.

  3. asdasdasd Says:

    As far as puzzle games go Chip's Challenge was a beast.

  4. Nitpicker Says:

    How come it's on special? Is it not selling?!

  5. Frederik Says:

    I remember buying "tourist sausage" in a russian supermarket once. It tasted absolutely disgusting,

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