WoSland – getting things done, again

Alert viewers will doubtless recall a recent piece in which we praised the toweringly magnificent gameplay engine of Evolution Tennis for iOS, while savagely attacking its awful, unbelievably user-hostile metastructure.

As ever, though, WoSland's nudging has managed to secure tangible and thrillingly awesome results where others merely flail around impotently.

This week saw the release of an update to the game, which retains the same brilliant engine but now also allows the player to have a single quick game for fun rather than forcing them through an entire career season at a time, with no means of exiting other than completely deleting and reinstalling the app.

There's a whole new front end on the latest version, which provides a "Practice" game at one of three difficulty levels (you can play as long as you want up to three sets) in addition to the full-season option. There's also now the option of a tidy exit from a Season game (you can leave any time between points, with the state of the game saved), and you can also reset a season in progress without deleting the whole app. And finally, you can now enter your name rather than being called "PLAYER" the whole way through.

With these simple improvements, Evolution Tennis has become one of the best tennis games we've ever played on any format. It's still going for just 69p, and in the interests of fair warning, if you own an iThing and don't buy it now, we're going to kill you in the face.

9 Responses to “WoSland – getting things done, again”

  1. I’m starting to think that, if you complain about things on your blog, you can make almost anything better and all for 69p.

    Just don’t start criticising gold, it will crash the economy completely if that starts selling for less than a pound.

  2. Congrats and, well, hooray!

  3. Even with the ability to practice I'm still awful at it. :(

  4. The best wings Says:

    It's really good staff in gaming world, good job.It's three level practice mode really good.

  5. and evolution of (a) tennis (game), that's for sure

  6. Rank Bajin Says:

    I'm hoping the pluralis maiestatis was only for a good old gloat, it's pretty jarring to read.

  7. Tsk. In the original piece, more people than just me praised Evolution Tennis. And while I’m certainly the Emperor and Brutal Dictator For Life of WoSland, I’m not the only inhabitant.

  8. Like the update.

    The game doesn't really make sense though. How can players qualify for the Grand Slams when they dont have 2000 points but I can't. I am ranked in top 30s in the world but I can't play Wimbledon. :(

    I love playing the game though. Does the update fix the fact the score wouldn't go over 8-8. I would like it even better if they introduced some tiebreaks and saved some of your stats!

  9. Gary Ellis Says:

    Ooh, nice. I also like the little optional 'trail' the ball leaves, it helps me line up my, uh, smudge to better hit the ball when it's coming in high.
    So a great update, but why is the 'Resign' button bottom centre? I've inadvertently quit out of 3 tournaments now, in the midst of all the tappy tappy excitement.

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