David Cameron's new best friend

You may have seen David Cameron on the news today, anointing himself head of the "New Moral Army", promising a "fightback" against rioters, and praising (at 0.53) "the million people on Facebook who've signed up to support the police". The group in question was created and is run by this lovely chap:

Well, that doesn't seem the sort of thing the Prime Minister should be getting behind, does it? But wait. There are more rib-ticklers where that came from.

The funniest one is probably this one:

…in which Boscott attempts to deny responsibility for the "Junglebook" post, claiming a hacked Twitter account. Fair enough, you might think. These things happen, but luckily his account appears to be under his control again, spewing out hundreds of anti-rioter tweets in recent days and gathering tens of thousands of followers.

Though oddly, rather than being about social justice or supporting the police, the profile claims to be mostly about "bad taste/offensive jokes" and "Adult Humour not 4 wimps". You might think that some would consider that description to fit the "Junglebook" line quite well, and that Boscott's denial of having posted it therefore smelt a bit fishy.

What you might think of doing then was going back through Boscott's tweets of the last few days, which are still there on the feed for anyone to see and which he doesn't appear to be denying responsibility for.




I see.

Short of material already?

Topical satire!

Well, at least it's not just the blacks, I guess.

It's nice to see that, a bit like Michael McIntyre, he's keen to promote other young up-and-coming comics too.

And it gets more mysterious – this sidesplitter is from the same date as the "Junglebook" tweet. Boscott is presumably in sole control of his Twitter account now. So why is this sort of thing, which we're told was someone else's handiwork, still here? What possible explanation could there be? Perhaps he just doesn't know how the "Delete this tweet" button works. Yes, that must be it.

Call me over-sensitive, but I'm not sure this guy leading a vast army of the Met's cheerleaders is going to be all that constructive over the days ahead in healing the nation's wounds. And I'm pretty certain it's not someone the Prime Minister of the country really ought to be singling out for praise.

But hey, I'm just some pinko liberal, what do I know?


EDIT: Boscott's Twitter profile has been hastily edited since this feature appeared, replacing his picture and the profile description. The before and after shots are below. Maybe he's finally started to work out how to try to cover his tracks after all. Just slightly too late there, Sean.

EDIT 2: Boscott's clearly panicking now. Within a couple of hours of this feature appearing and starting to go viral on Twitter, he's locked his tweets.

Unfortunately for him, he's still a step behind, thanks to ever-alert WoSland associate John X, who has helpfully saved and mirrored them for posterity. Nice try, Sean.

9 Responses to “David Cameron's new best friend”

  1. Not much it would seem.

  2. Excellent.
    I see he's now changed his profile tagline and photo to appear more respectable.  What a shame we can still the previous version here…

  3. I wonder how long until the "jokes" suddenly vanish?

  4. Nicely spotted. This guy's motives and feelings are obvious. Makes it all the funnier that Cameron was stupid and short sighted enough to start praising what's basically now Facebook's government approved page for English racism.

  5. Has the Facebook group been taken down?

  6. Not that I can see.

  7. Oh look, he's now protected his tweets!

  8. Yep, just spotted that. Luckily we were one step ahead again…

  9. To me, to call Cameron a supporter of racism for supporting a page is to do the same to the other 900,000 followers of the page. The real scandal here is that such a figure has such a large audience to whom he can spout his xenophobic drivel. It's not just the PM who should know, it's the users of Facebook.
    You can't blame the PM for agreeing with a sentiment that hundreds of thousands have done so likewise, just because it started from more sinister motives. Blame him for pandering to popularism, blame him for the hypocrisy of supporting the Met with empty words and budget cuts. Here, though, is something that is more an issue for the public than for political points scoring against Cameron.
    I followed that page, too, because I agreed with the sentiment. Now I know better, I do no longer. I'm sure those in power would do the same, whether we like them or not.
    In the meantime, get out there and tell people the truth!

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